Policies / IACUC

ACUC Information

Approval of the Northwestern University Animal Care and Use Committee is required for all procedures carried out on animal subjects. The BPC has provided several protocols that can be easily added into a PI’s existing Animal Study Protocol. The approved animal procedures and instructions for how to insert them into an existing protocol can be found here.


We appreciate the acknowledgement of BPC in your publications. These acknowledgements show the importance of BPC’s services to the Northwestern research community and potentially help us secure additional funding to serve you better. Boilerplate text has been provided below.
“Behavioral assays were performed at the Northwestern University Behavioral Phenotyping Core Facility.”

Additionally, please provide us with PDF copies of any publications in which BPC is acknowledged. These may be emailed to the director, Craig Weiss, at cweiss@northwestern.edu.

Investigators who acknowledge BPC and submit a PDF of their publication will be given one complimentary hour of service from the facility.