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Behavioral Phenotyping Core



The mission of the Northwestern University Behavioral Phenotyping Core is to make available, to funded research projects, a facility to determine the behavioral effects of genetic manipulations, potential pharmaceuticals, aging, other manipulations upon normal behavior, and the learning and memory capacities of rodents used as model systems.

Learn more about our facility, our services, available behavioral assays (tests), and pricing.

The BPC has multiple assays in the same room and even multiple assays in the same chamber.  This arrangement maximizes flexibility and efficiency within our limited space.

An on-line reservation system debuted in September 2019.  Until all users are trained on this system, scheduling can still be done by emailing either Dr. Weiss or Mary Kando.

New Users/ New Project: Email Dr. Weiss for a Free Initial consultation and to plan your NIH budget request

Users of the BPC who have been trained to use the equipment can make a reservation through NUCORE for equipment utilization.

Full service operations will commence after the University resumes normal operations.